Friday, November 20, 2009

Believing Weird Things

If you want about 10 minutes of good, informative, entertainment here is Michael Shermer of the Skeptics Society. It's a great presentation and far more amusing than I expected. I've only met Michael socially and this video was the first time I've seen him in action. Good stuff. If you want his book Why People Believe Weird Things you can order it from Laissez Faire.

NOTE: Some people seem to have problems watching this. My FireFox browser works fine with the video here. But Safari seems to have some odd problems. With Safari I can not watch the video at this url, but I can watch the video if I go to the Laissez Faire Books link provided. The video is on the page where the book is promoted and this is where I got the video. So, if your browser doesn't allow you to see the video here, try the LFB page that is linked or get FireFox.I suspect the problem is not the browser so much as blogspot since the same browser does play the video at the LFB link above.

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