Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Carrie Prejean doesn't have the brains that God gave bimbos. Her repeated lies to the media, the public, her publisher and just about everyone else, has painted her into a corner.

We now know that Prejean made an explicit porno tape which she sent to her boyfriend. She has publicly claimed she was underage when she made the tape and just a stupid teen. As this blog has pointed out, and so far no one else has, that means Prejean is guilty of the production and distribution of child pornography. By her own confessions she is a child pornographer and subject to conviction, imprisonment and being forced onto the odious sex offender registry.

Of course, since Prejean is a serial liar her claim may be entirely false. The ex boyfriend who received the tape said she is lying again. He says he was dating Prejean in 2007 and that Carrie made, and sent him very explicit porn tapes, during that period, when she was 20, not 17. He also says that Prejean called him and asked him to lie about the tape and tell people she was 17 when it was made. So, apparently Prejean was also encouraging others to lie as well.

Carrie doesn't want the tapes to see the light of day, and had previously denied they existed. Now she is trying to pretend she was 17 but, that puts her at risk of being prosecuted as a child pornographer. But, if she admits she was not underage, and a legal adult who liked to make porn then the tape can be distributed and it would ruin her ability to bamboozle naive fundamentalists to pay to tell them how awful the "liberals" and "gays" can be. Poor Carrie, has clearly painted herself into a corner.

Photos: The photos are from a weekend she spent in San Diego with a boyfriend (so much the Bible commandment on fornication). Apparently the only part of biblical sexual morality that Prejean wants enforced has to do with gays. Otherwise she appears pretty wild sexually.