Friday, June 17, 2011

Cop kills man when he asked for search warrant.

Another cop screams about his "authority" and simply executes a man for asking him for a warrant. And the police union "stands behind our man." As bad as cops are, who have this authority complex, cops like this union representative who try to defend these thugs are even worse. Good cops tell us that bad cops are rare. I disagree. Bad cops are common. What is rare is getting the proof. In this case the man's partner said there was no threat and he didn't understand why his partner did what he did.

Cops do this because they get away with it. And, I will state once more, that while I don't believe in the death penalty I do believe that police officers, who murder should get the maximum penalty with no parole. Cops have to be held to a higher standard, not to a lower one, which is precisely how the justice systems treats these thugs.