Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obnoxious "celebrity" chef plays nanny.

On the left is "celebrity" chief Jamie Oliver, an English twat if ever there was one. Oliver. The photo on the left is Jamie before he started playing Nanny. The to the right is Jamie today. Notice anything?

As Nanny Oliver is using his "reality show" to harass American schools he himself is living high on the hog. I might suggest he is eating high on the hog.

Oliver has celebrityitis, that disease that causes someone who gets attention to suddenly become personally weird while pompously lecturing the world. The weird includes the typical "celebrity" trait of saddling their poor children with bizarre names. So Oliver has named his kids, in order, Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear. The poor kids.

Oliver has a couple of gimmicks he pulls to get himself noticed. One is that the picks poorer regions to go lecture them like some "high class" missionary being sent to heathens. He did this in Rotherham, England, with TV cameras in tow, and again in Huntington, West Virginia.

Oliver's desire to make the rules for what people eat may just be revealed in the name of one of his "reality shows:" The Ministry of Food.

A lot of the Nanny State measures that ban foods from the schools started with the campaigning of chubby face Jamie. Typical of "celebrities" Oliver is gaga over expensive "organic" foods. He bragged that he buys "from specialist growers, organic suppliers and farmers" and not "supermarkets" which "are like a factory." Of course, being a millionaire makes that easy for him to do. It is much harder for the poorer folks he goes out to "save" from themselves. That didn't stop him from taking £1.2 million per year to hype the up-market food chain Sainsbury's. He then turned around attacking the store for selling items of which he doesn't approve. Sainsbury's CEO Justin King responded: "Dictating to people—or unleashing an expletive-filled tirade—is not the way to engagement." Poor Mr. King does not realize that "dictating to people" is precisely what a "Ministry of Food" is intended to do.

Oliver convinced a school in England to allow him to bring his cameras into the school and let him prepare all the meals for students. He used his time to campaign for government measures to "improve" what people eat. Tony Blair, the George Bush of England, immediately promised to spend £280 million more per year on school food. Hey, those organic foods are costly. But, it seems the main thing Oliver wants is publicity for himself, hence his confrontational style and publicity stunts, such as his slaughtering a live lamb on television.

One school in the UK allowed itself to be used as a publicity stunt for Oliver. Oliver came in and mandated what foods students would be allowed to eat for lunch and what they couldn't eat. Parents revolted by coming to the school at lunch time and handing banned food items to their kids through the fence.

While Oliver claims that only "local produce" should be used, and that all meals should be prepared from scratch, it turned out that sauces he used in his own restaurant were produced at a factory, 400 miles away.

Oliver, like many do-gooders simply became tired of people not taking his advice so he lobbied for government programs that would force his recipes down the throats of school children. Other that the extra millions that Tony Blair was happy to spend, the net result was that 400,000 British school children left the school lunch system preferring to bring bagged lunches from homes. Oliver also created a black market in the snack foods that he hates. Students started smuggling foods onto campus and selling them to classmates, which lead to kids being suspended from school. That causes me to wonder what the primary purpose of the school is: Is it to educate children or make them eat according to the dictates of Chubby Jamie? It would seem that students being thrown out of school for disobeying "The Ministry of Food," pretty much made it clear that education takes a backseat to Jamie Oliver's politics.

After his efforts in Rotherham, Oliver wrote an 8 page "manifesto"to try to pressure the British government to establish a "Ministry of Food center in every British town." Oliver's manifesto used the wedge of national health care to control everything. He argued that what people eat is a "massive social issue" because any health issues related to diet will cost the National Health Service money. This, by the way, is one hidden cost of nationalized health care, it is then used as an excuse to control over any area of life that might impact one's health—and what doesn't qualify? Oliver warned, "the government urgently needs to be putting cooking right at the top of its agenda."

Reason magazine noted that one meal Oliver suggested as a "wholesome meal" to take to school actually contained 1,183 calories and 55 grams of fat. They noted the same student could eat a Happy Meal at McDonald's and another Chicken McNugget's Happy Meal and get less calories and less fat than they would from Oliver's "wholesome" suggestion. Is it any wonder that Oliver had become a fatty eating his "healthy" food. This isn't an issue of health, but of control.

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