Saturday, June 11, 2011

TSA Continues Its Heavy-Handed Tactics

Dr. David Mandy: Special Needs Son Harassed by TSA at Detroit Metropolitan Airport:

The thuggish Transportation Security Administration, an arm of the worst government agency around, Homeland Security, went after a mentally challenged man with the mental ability of a two-year-old, that would be the man they went after although the mental ability of the TSA wasn't much higher.

I fear the confidence of the father, Dr. David Mandy, in the TSA and the federal government is too optimistic. He thinks that because he got an apology letter after he complained this shows the federal government listens. But if they listened they would revise program and that won't happen. They have standard responses. In cases where they have gone too far with someone who is clearly sympathetic to the public: this man, elderly people in wheel chairs, terrified small children, etc., the best response is to apologize to make the issue go away. Of course, the problems continue to happen over and over again. In other cases they try to smear the victim. If people are recording the incident we see them move in immediately to try to prevent the filming.

Unless you have absolutely no choice in the matter—don't fly. If you are flying internationally do NOT take flights that refuel in the United States, look for alternative routes. Some airlines have already rerouted flights through Canada instead, because of the way their passengers are being harassed by the TSA thugs.

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