Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Republican theocrats calls Girl Scouts lesbians

Long-time readers will remember that this blog has covered the antics of a far right theocrat from Arizona named Rachel Alexander. She was butt-kisser-in-chief for the then Maricopa County District Attorney, another far Right theocrat named Andrew Thomas. When Thomas tried to send a teenage boy to prison for life, mainly by withholding evidence from the defense, the case eventually turned against him. Alexander then went on the Fox web site and falsely claimed the boy was a child pornographer. She smeared an under-aged kid to try to protectthe reputation of her boss. Well, it didn't help and when the law profession investigated him he went down in flames. Alexander wasn't exactly exonerated either.

Both them were swept into the trash after a top-level investigation revealed severe misuse of powers from the office of Andrew Thomas. Alexander is a crazed fundamentalist with all the bigotries and prejudices that go with that sort of theology. One of her projects was a misnamed website called "Intellectual Conservative." To say the least it was Bible-beating not intellectual.

Now it seems that one of Alexander's co-whores at the site has gotten himself into a little bit of hot water because of his crazed public comments. Hans Zeiger, is Republican running for the Washington state House of Representatives. Like Alexander, he is a Bible-beating loon. It seems that Zeiger published bigoted rants on Alexander's web site. They both helped run the site, or so they claimed. You can see Alexander hawking her law firm, which is one of those specializing in "bankruptcy" cases. on the site. Hmm, maybe she can offer her services to the poor kid she smeared, and whose family had to spend over $500,000 to keep their son out the clutches of her insane boss.

Zieger's little rant against Girl Scouts was, of course, published on Alexander's website. By the way, she has publicly bragged that the site got very few readers, but that she tricked the media and others into taking it seriously. She thought that made her an expert and gave lectures on the topic at an Americans for Prosperity meeting, the people behind the Tea Party. Apparently Herr Hans said other rather extreme and silly things at Rachel's extreme and silly website. But Rachel is doing her duty to try and cover up his indiscretions by wiping out his rants on her site now that they are hurting his campaign.

Zeiger wrote a book praising the Boy Scouts for their policy of throwing out kids who are gay or atheists. That's the sort of hate that the "intellectual conservative" seems to relish. And he said that he is "a leading cultural voice in the battle to preserve the Boy Scout Oath and Law." Humble, ain't he. As expected it was published by a fundamentalist publishing house which claims it shows the attack on "core-Christian values" of the Scouts. Core Christian value? I admit I've been shocked how many brain-dead fundamentalists are now claiming that hating gay kids, throwing them out of the Scouts, is a "core-Christian value." I've seen some of these churches add gay hate clauses to their "statement of faith" on their websites, as if this was an issue that Jesus obsessed over.

Well, Zeiger got into hot water, not because of his deep abiding, but doesn't-get-too-close, love for Boy Scouts, but because of his hatred of Girl Scouts. Okay, he loves Boy Scouts, hates Girl Scouts and is a Republican. Keep a close eye on this one. How wide do you think his stance is?

Hans, a rather unAmerican name for a Republican, but not bad for a Nazi, wrote that the only reason Girl Scouts "have been spared the painful attacks that have been launched upon the Boy Scouts" is "simple." With conservatives everything is "simple." That's all they can grasp, simple things. And the simple thing here is that those nasty little cookie-pushers "allow homosexual and atheists to join their ranks." Unlike the Mormon controlled Boy Scouts they don't throw out gay kids, or kids who are non-believers. That the Girl Scouts don't exhibit the same raw hatred that Hans and Rachel do, makes them evil. Worse! Hans said "they have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps." Talk about a vicious attack on Scouting! Hans clearly really loves the Boy Scouts, while he really hates the Girl Scouts. And the sole reason the Girl Scouts are Satan's spawn is that they don't expel gay members or members who don't entertain fairy tales as real life.

The really crazy stuff was published at Alexander's website. But she, playing Gretel to our poor little Hans, is doing her best to help cover up his indiscretions by suddenly removing many of his tirades from public view. Hans says this is necessary because they were "distracting" to his campaign. Yea, funny how that sort of thing happens. A few minor indiscretions and there are distractions all over the place.

Maybe he can get his blond-haired, blue-eyed little brown shirts to whip up some God and flag pageantry to take the minds of the masses off of these distractions. A good sermon by Herr Hans on the secret, evil machinations of the Learned Elders of Sodom should help a bit as well. For the finale they have the go out and kick over a few Girl Scout cookie stands. And then he and the young brownshirts can head out to the woods for some manly adventures, while he scares then with Girl Scout stories until quivering with fear..... Never mind.

Does Hans have something to hide. Take a look at this information pages regarding Zeiger. It seems to think he is married to a man named Jim and used to be a critical care nurse. Of course, our manly, man, the Boy Scout lover, Girl Scout hater, wouldn't do that. As far as I can tell Hans isn't married to a man named Jim. It doesn't appear he is married at all. But what do you expect? How could he marry a woman? After all the Girl Scouts are turning them into lesbian, atheists. If the Boy Scout saw this he'd be thrown out.

Then there would be no more manly-man bonding around the camp fire, no more ghost stories until they shiver with fear and come seeking comfort, in an entirely appropriate, Christ-like manner, befitting good conservatives. Not like those liberal, god-haters like Mark Foley or Larry Craig.

By the way, anyone else find it odd that the Boy Scout Memorial shows a Boy Scout with a naked man behind him? I'm not kidding. Worse yet, the boys right wrist seems, well, a bit loose, if you know what I mean. I wonder if manly Hans has seen this? He could write another who book on the topic.

No, I didn't take this too seriously. With clowns like this you can only laugh at them and hope for the best.

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