Monday, June 27, 2011

Tell the TSA to FOAD

When cops do something wrong the typical response from their superiors is to deny, deny, deny. The pretend to investigate and then announce that after their "careful" investigation they decided that their officers were perfectly appropriate in what they did, no matter how outrageous it may be in reality—unless some nasty civilian turns up with a video tape. But don't worry they will arrest those people if they see them to prevent anyone from every contradicting the police.

The TSA is just the same. And while the cops are violent and vicious, the TSA is a much of pervs fondling and molesting Americans by the millions. I've nothing against voluntary perving, but this is not voluntary.

My contempt for the TSA and for the disgusting Janet Napolitano, who runs Homeland Security, is boundless. Janet and her minions deserve prison for the way they have treated innocent people. In this case we have a 95-year-old woman who was traveling to be with family so she could be with her loved ones when she dies. She has leukemia and doesn't have long to live.

The pervs at the TSA wheel her away from her daughter, who wasn't allowed to be with her and then start their fondling routine. They discover the adult diapers that the illness forces this woman to wear. They fondled it but "couldn't determine" what was in it. They said it was wet and heavy. This shows you how utterly stupid they are. A diaper on a dying woman feels wet and lumpy and the Einstein's that Janet hires couldn't figure out why. They demanded that the daughter come in and remove the diaper so they could inspect closer.

Fuck, the terrorists did their worst years ago. Since then the only people constantly terrorizing, humiliating, mistreating, fondling, and molesting, the American people have been the criminal cartel known as Homeland Security. This is an agency that deserves to be abolished and criminal charges ought to be brought against these people.

In the meantime, I highly suggest that any and all people who work for Homeland Security or the TSA be shunned totally and completely. If you own a business and know customers who work for these agencies inform them they are no longer welcome in your business. A restaurant near a major airport has started doing just that to TSA thugs, and good on them for it. If you know friends or relatives who work for this agency inform them that they are no longer welcome in your home and you won't visit them, until they find honest employment. If you know people in your neighborhood working for this agency tell them you wish to no longer have anything to do with them. Don't say "hello," "good bye," "have a nice day," or "watch out for that bus!" Silence is how they ought to be treated. Do them no favors. Given them no courtesy. Offer them no comfort. Give them no assistance. Tell them they have chosen to put themselves outside civil and polite society and that you will treat them with respect once they deserve it again, by leaving the TSA.

If enough people shunned the TSA thugs completely a large percentage of the staff would leave and eventually the system would have to change. Don't buy the claim that these people are just following orders. The TSA is a voluntary agency. No one has been conscripted to work there. These people voluntarily decided to act indecently toward their fellow Americans and we have every right to refuse to deal with the petty tyrants if we so choose. In a polite way, tell them to fuck off and die.

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