Saturday, October 14, 2006

Anonymous voices from the trash can.

Here is another example of the sort of witch hunt that the Democrats have set off by exaggerating or inventing claims regarding the Foley emails to ex-pages above the age of consent.

Congressman Jim Kolbe is openly gay. He is also someone who complained about Foley some time ago. Now we learn that “Federal prosecutors in Arizona have opened a preimilanary investigatin” of a camping trip that Foley took with a group of people which included two former pages. Not pages mind you, but former pages.

An “unidentified source” apparently feels comfortable making accusations. NBC news, which is fanning the antigay witch hunt, reported that Foley took a trip down the Grand Canyon with two ex-pages. But also along on the rip were five staff members and Kolbe’s sister.

One person, who refuses to identify themselve says Kolbe “creeped” him out. Gee, isn’t that the routine accusation against homosexuals in the media fueled Inquisition. He claims Foley touched an ex-pages arms, shoulders and back. Oh my god, get out the disinfectant.

But what did the other’s who were there say? The deputy superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park was with on the trip and he says nothing inappropriate happened. NOTHING.

So what of the two pages? One of them told the news he didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t want to jeopardize any political career he might seek. The other page, however, was supposedly the one being fawned over by Kolbe. He said, according to news reports, that Kolbe always acted professionally and decently. He said the trip was a blast and nothing “improper” took place.

So the alleged “victim” says he had a great trip and nothing happened. Prominent park officials were on the trip and said nothing happened. One individual who hides in the shadows supposedly makes accusations, based on ten year old memories, and suddenly this is national news. I argued that the exaggerated claims and false claims made about Foley would get out of hand and turn into a campaign against gays. It has and Democrats and the so-called “liberal” media are helping it along.