Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Theopublican nonsense and forgotten hisotry

Peter Monroe was a top government appointee in previous Republican administrations and earlier this year he sought the nomination of the Republican Party for the US Senate but lost to the Theopublican nutcase Katharine Harris.

Now he has publicly said what sane people have known for a long time. The Republican Party has been taken over by the American Talbian, Christian fundamentalists who are intolerant, bigoted, hateful, authoritarian and fanatical.

Meanwhile in the Theocratic Republic of Texas (again), the lunatic extremists in the Republican Party have attacked a judicial candidate because he isn't a Christian. They claim he is an atheist and that is enough to make him unqualified for office.

He pleads for his party to to return "to traditional Republican values to solve issues of great significance to the majority of all voters, and not obsess on religious and personal issues." He laments that Christian fundamentalists, while "a small minority... wield disproportionate influence" in the Republican Party. He says that mainstream Republicans "have relinguished their party to the fundamentalists."

Theopublicans argue that as a judge he must uphold the law and that he can't do that unless he is a theist. The candidate in question has stated that he's never said he was atheist and that the Theopublicans are making up quotes they attribute to him. The Theopublican candidate for the office says he may campaign on the "atheist" issue because it's about "a person's core beliefs". Core beliefs about things like the First Amendment obviously don't count, its more important to have the right theological views on the bench.

People have to realize that as long as the fundamentalists control the Republican Party that the once proud party of Goldwater and Reagan is no longer for Constitutional government but for Biblical government. Republicans and their fellow socialists of the soul are the greatest threat to freedom in America today. Hard as it is to believe if people want a party in control that believes in smaller government they will have to vote Democrat or throw a protest to the Libertarians.

And for the history buffs I would like to remind people of the greatest orator to tour America on behalf of his beloved Republican Party. It was Robert Green Ingersoll, the former Attorney General of Illinois, the man who nominated Republican candidate James G. Blaine for the presidency in the famed "Plumed Knight" speech of 1876.

Every year the Republicans across the United States would plead and beg with Ingersoll to tour the country on behalf of their party. And each year he did. And people by the thousands would turn out to here him speak. He was consider the greates orator in American history and anyplace where Ingersoll was to speak was standing room only. Ingersoll was used to this. He also toured the nation speaking on behalf of skepticism, agnosticism and opposing the supernatural and Christianity.

Certainly in the late 1800s Robert Ingersoll was probably the most famous Republican in America. You can read his speech on God and the Constitution to see some of the things he said. This stalwart of the Republican Party would have no place in today's GOP, but then neither would Goldwater or Reagan. Our picture today is the heroic Ingersoll.