Thursday, October 12, 2006

Theopublicans could lose Senate.

Here is the latest information on selected campaigns across the US. And the news is all bad for King George and All His Men. The Theopublicans are in trouble and deservedly so.

In the Michigan governor’s race the polls have swung back in favour of Democrat Jennifer Granholm over Theopublican Dick DeVos. DeVos was leading last month by 2 points and is now trailing by 7 points. In Minnesota incumbent Theopublican governor Tim Pawlenty lost his previous 4 point lead and now trails to Democrat Mike Hatch by 2 points. In Ohio the Democrat Ted Stickland now leads by 12 points. And in Massachusetts the Democrat has a lead of 33 point! In Tennessee’s governor’s race the lead for Democrat Phil Bradesen is even greater, as hard as that is to believe. He now bests Theopublican Jim Bryson by 37 points!!

In Rhode Island the Republicans poured money into the campaign of liberal Republican Lincoln Chafee during the primary. They wanted the Senate more than they wanted another theocrat so they worked to defeat a typical conservative. They just felt they could win with Chafee where a typical Theopublican would be slaughtered. But Chafee is doing none too well himself. He is trailing in the polls with 39% support versus 49% for Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse.

In Pennsylvania one of the most stalwart Theopublican, Rick Santorum is going down in flames. An odious extremist it is a pleasure to watch his sinking ship. Santorum currently has 37% support while Democrat Bob Casey, Jr., is sitting at 50%. Another major theocrat in the Republican Party, Katherine Harris in Florida, is suffering a humiliating defeat and is now trailing Democrat Bill Nelson by 17 points.

In Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow appears safely in the lead for the US Senate seat. Theopublican Michael Bouchard has only 39% support to Stebenow’s support of 56%. And in Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar is leading Theopublican Mark Kennedy 53% to 36%.

Other Senate seats are moving Democratic as well. The Tennessee race was tied but now Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. leads Theopublican Bob Corker by 5 points. In Montana incumbent Senator Conrad Burns (R) is trailing Democrat Jon Tester by 7 points. In the swing state of Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown is now leading incumbent Theopublican Mike DeWine by 8 points. In Washington state Democrat Cantwell continues to lead Theopublican McGavick by 6 points.

The Rasmussen Polls say the balance of power in the Senate, as it currently stands, is evenly divided with both parties projected to pick up 49 seats and two being too close to call.

One of the seats too close to call is that of the Virginia Senate race when big government Republican, and possible racist, George Allen has a slim lead over former Reagan official, and Democratic candidate, Jim Webb. Allen is leading by 6 points but continues to take bad knocks in the press regarding his character. Several people have attested to his racist remarks and now he is being questioned about some false financial reports he filed in the past. At one point Webb was trailing by 24 points so he has closed the gap significantly since then. And in recent weeks his campaign has finally attracted the financial support it deserved. Democrats avoided funding it thinking his campaign hopeless but he has proven them wrong and now some needed funds are coming his way. Will it be enough?

Just a few months ago it looked highly unlikely the Democrats could win the Senate. But as things stand right now a tie is likely, which gives the Senate to the Theopublicans since Vice President Cheney “the brain” would cast votes in case of a tie. But there is now a chance that the Democrats could pick up 51 seats. It is still an outside chance but the momentum is going to the Democrats and it wouldn’t take a lot to push them into the lead.