Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cops execute another family pet.

A group of children witnessed a police officer in Wilmington, Delaware execute a dog with which the children were playing.

Officer B.P. Jensen went to the home on the claim that the police received a call that the children may have been left unattended. The officer entered the yard where the children and the dog were playing. He claimed the dog tried to bite him -- typical claim made by the police to justify executing family pets. But the children who witnessed the execution say the police officer is lying. Gee, a lying police officer! Who would have thought?

One twelve-year-old child who witnessed the killing “sat on a curb hunched over and crying” and told the press that the dog had “sniffing and he rolled over” on the ground when the cop “shot him two times in the head”. This girl ran in terror to her home when she saw this and called 911 for help. The girl’s mother said of the killed dog: “That’s the neighborhood dog. Everybody loved the dog.”

As usual the the so-called internal investigation by the police once again found that the cop did nothing wrong. Another surprise.