Monday, May 14, 2007

Over the year or so that we've been in existence this blog has periodically included video material that we thought was exceptionally good. But that has been sporadic. But it occurred to me that it would be useful to have a video library where this material is accumulated in one spot and categorized. So for that purpose I have set up TV Liberty. I have added around 20 films totaling almost 9 hours in length to the site already. I will be adding several new titles per day. Individual titles can run from 2 minutes in length to 90 minutes.

What you will find is material that reflects the values of this blog: individual liberty, free markets, social tolerance, reason, peaceful relations, etc. Much of the material will not be visible on the main page so don't use it like a blog. Instead use the index we provide in the right hand column. Here you will find topics. If you click on the topic it will then bring up all videos that fill that category. We give a very short description of the video and tell you how long it is.

There is a lot of material on line but a lot of it is pretty awful. We weed out the worst, as I see it, and add the best. So look at this as video library where you can drop in and watch films on particular topics as you wish. Enjoy it.

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