Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a No Knock Raid

Canadian musician Lindy Vopnfjord, with Reason TV, has produced this music video for his song No Knock Raid. Some of the images are disturbing. It does show the violence that armed gangs of police impose on non-violent people routinely in the United States. As the song points out, don't worry if they raid the wrong house, they still get their kicks anyway.

We don't need a war on drugs. We need a war on SWAT. This sort of thing has to stop. And, if government ever does anything right, it would close down these paramilitary actions. But folks, think about it, what "civil rights" loving Democrats are out there fighting to end this sort of militaristic violence against the American people? What advocates for "small government" in the Republican Party are actively campaigning to end this big government violence?