Monday, May 14, 2007

Nazis join Leftist haters of free trade.

One of those conference which deals with trade, which the nihilists on the Left hate so much, is scheduled to take place in a few days in Schwerin, Germany. And extreme socialists of all stripes will be there to condemn the idea that people should be free to trade with one another.

You should expect them to be flying their anti-capitalist banners and handing out leaflets portraying the virtues of state controlled economies. One such group wants to bring in 1,000 of their extremist members under the slogan “Not for sale! Stop globalization!”

And who is that? The Nazis of course. Well, the neo-Nazis to be precise. They don’t openly identify as Nazis as the government has banned such nomenclatures so these groups market themselves deceptively but most people know precisely who they are. Germany needs to repeal that stupid legislation and allow these vermin to stand openly for what they believe so there is no mistaking them for decent human beings.

Der Spiegel notes that the only difference between the rhetoric of the Nazis and the socialist is the “frequent use of words like ‘nation’ and ‘homeland’” by the Nazis. To be expected of course. Remember Nazis are “national socialists”.

We shouldn’t forget that the Nazi-loving advocates of apartheid, in the National Party in South Africa, formed their first government in an alliance with the socialist Labour Party there. And that during the 1922 Rand Rebellion, the Nationalists and socialists marched together for socialism and apartheid and tried to overthrow the government. They were seen in the streets with the slogan “Workers of the world unite and keep South Africa white.

Mussolini was the former editor of the Socialist Party newspaper in Italy and the leader of the British Union of Fascists, Sir Oswald Mosley had been a prominent Left-wing member of parliament and a member of the Fabian Socialists.

The well known U.S. socialist, W.E.B. DuBois visited the Nazi state in 1936 and enthusiastically claimed: “Germany today is next to Russia the greatest exemplar of Marxian socialism in the world...” And British Fabian socialist leader George Bernard Shaw, as Time magazine noted, “was to praise the death’s-head trio of totalitarianism: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin.

True the two extremes of the socialist movement hate each other, but for much the same reason McDonalds isn’t fond of Burger King or Hertz doesn’t like Avis. They pinch each other’s customers so to speak. They over emphasize minor differences as a means of product differentiation and, for the same reason, ignore the vast similarities.

Illustration: The cartoon above depicts the previous alliance between Hitler and Stalin.

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