Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is sure to upset the Christianists

When I first heard about this video I didn't expect much. It appears to be a show for children from Holland, perhaps our Dutch visitors can confirm that for us. A young boy gets up to sing a song he dedicates to his two fathers. He was adopted when he was one year old. First he really surprised me. I hate talent shows because the talent is often so poor. But he was good. He completely carries it off. And the message he has is a good one. I would guess he is around 14 years old but he comes across as incredibly mature. I'd be curious to know more. The song is in Dutch but with English s. ubtitles. it's not a bad tune either.

PS: Since posting this I did some more research. Sure enough the fundamentalists have already attacked this video. The misnamed Americans for Truth, an antigay group, refers to the boy singing as "aggressive homosexual activism". Their line is that "it is utterly selfish of homosexual adults to intentionally put children in this position--and to subject other children to propaganda like this." I didn't know adoption was "utterly selfish" and if he is worried about propaganda for kids what does he call Sunday School? What the fundamentalist Right can't figure out is that the rest of the civilized world, and much of America, simply don't share their values.