Friday, July 01, 2011

Still don't think cops are dangerous to good people?

Jesse Kersey, 17, is mentally challenged. And like many with this problem he has a speech impediment. He was outside his house riding his bike when a gang member, also called the police, stopped him to question him, apparently for no reason at all. Perhaps the thug in blue just wanted to throw his weight around. The criminal, by the way, goes by the name of Officer Willie Hooper. Willie? Really? What is he, 10-years-old?

Well, Officer Willie couldn't understand what Jesse was saying and said that made it disrespectful. By the way, you are not required to respect the police by law, that includes clownish buffoons named Officer Willie. Office Willie's little, tiny, immature ego (you didn't think I was going to the other place) was bruised. The poor baby was devastated and lost his temper and started screaming at this retarded boy. The boy, given his disability, didn't understand what was going on. But then with mental cases like Officer Willie even fully mature, totally rational people, would have trouble understanding what was going on. Officer Willie need a rubber, well, a rubber room and some medications to sedate him. After that he needs a nice warm jail cell.

A neighbor witnessing the insane police officer throwing his toys out of the cot tried to tell him that the boy is retarded and can't speak properly and didn't understand what was happening. Well, adrenaline junky Officer Willie was already high on his own exaggerated powers, threatened to arrest the neighbor and ordered him to go back into his house. This is man who is clearly unstable emotionally and impervious to reason. He needs a straightjacket not a badge and a gun.

Jesse did what most kids, especially those with developmental issues, would do. He ran to his mother for help. His mother, Pamela Ford, opened the door of her home to see what was going on. She then witnessed the maddened Officer Willie, and his partner in crime, Officer John Howard, fire tasers into the frightened boy. Tasers are deadly weapons and routinely kill people.

Jesse did not commit a crime. He was not a suspect in a crime. He was being questioned by a power-hungry thug. He is a minor, who, if questioned has a right to have a parent present. He is mentally challenged and doesn't understand what is going on. He doesn't know that cops are dangerous to all peaceful people. He doesn't understand that many of them, like Officer Willie, are mental cases who get their rocks off by hurting people and ordering them around.

By now the thugs were in a feeding frenzy. Ford and a family friend, Christopher Peyton, kept telling the officers that Jesse was retarded and handicapped and had no idea what was going on. But who would when facing an enraged, irrational, wild animal?

The officers responded to this information by using pepper spray on the boy and punching him multiple times. Of course, the fuckwads called for back-up so 20 of their fellow brother thugs descended on the house. Numerous people continued to plead with the officers and tell them they were beating up a retarded kid! They didn't care.

They handcuffed the boy and tossed him into a police car and then went in their Newspeak mode. The boy, who was a victim of a violent assault, was charged with assaulting a "peace officer." This is not a peace officer by any means. And Jesse didn't assault the police, they assaulted him. Typical of how cops twist things to mean their opposite. He was charged with resisting arrest. That means running to his mother for help. And he was charged with "obstructing official business." These are catch-all accusations that police routinely throw at someone when the police are in the wrong.

Jesse is taken to court and the judge says he's mentally incompetent to stand trial and dismisses the charges. If the boy was mentally incompetent to defend himself in court, then he was mentally incompetent to be subjected to an illegal police interrogation. Dayton and little Willie are being sued, as should be the case. But Officer Willie and Co., should be removed from duty, without pay. Criminal charges should be laid against them and, if convicted, they should be sent to jail. In addition, Willie and friends should individually be required to make financial restitution to the boy they assaulted

Here are the facts as described in the legal suit brought against Willie and the City of Dayton. The police of chief in Dayton seems to hide his email address. I urge you to send an email to Mayor Gary Leitzell instead. His email is As always be respectful to the mayor but demand the removal of Hooper and Howard from the Dayton police force as threats to public safety.