Friday, July 01, 2011

TSA: bunglers and fondlers

The Transportation Security Administration is a collection of blundering, fondlers. We all know how diligent they are at fondling kids, stripping old ladies, taking nudie "scanner" photos and giggling over them. But we are told it's all for airline security.

So how did they do with a real live situation where there was a breach of airline security?

Olajida Noibi, originally from Nigeria, wanted some free flights. He had phony boarding passes and one lost, expired boarding pass. He used the lost pass, dated for June 23rd, to enter the airport on June 24th. Apparently no TSA agent who inspects boarding passes had a clue what day it was. They let him in. For ID he showed a police report claiming his passport was stolen and ID from the University of Michigan. One TSA was suspicious and called a supervisor. But apparently neither didn't notice that the name on the boarding pass didn't match the ID.

So, we have the wrong date, no one at TSA notices. We have the ID not matching the ticket, and no one notices. Noibi then walks to the gate and boards the plane. But the gate ticket alarm went off saying the pass was invalid. He is allowed to board anyway.

Passengers complained that Noibi smelled very bad and the air crew started investigating and determined he was in an unsold seat. They alerted authorities. At Los Angeles International Noibi is meet by the LAPD, the TSA and the FBI. He is questioned for four hours and then released. People have been treated worse than this for the crime of taking a bottle of baby formula on the plane, or a tube of toothpaste.

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